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I began my journey with Dr Baula & staff on October 30 th and my number one goal was to get my blood sugar numbers well into the normal range.  I started at 219 lbs and set my initial goal at 200 lbs.  By December 24th I had lost 30 lbs and all my numbers were well on their way to being in the normal range.  For me I found the diet and exercise plan to be easy to follow and very rewarding.  I went on maintenance in January.  Currently I am holding steady at a loss of 38 lbs, my blood sugar is normal and I am building muscle.  HealthQuest taught me how to eat properly again and gave me the tools to keep my body lean and strong. 


I have been a patient of Dr. Baula for quite a long time and you told me why I have high blood pressure and that I was also type 2 diabetic and what you believe I needed to do was to lose weight but I kept holding it off. Well on my visit in September you told me again so when we went over your diet plan I just said lets do it and start today. I weighted in at 234 and I set my goal for 200. The first week was hard to make the adjustments you set for me, but as time went along it became easier to find and handle the type of food I could eat. The first week I lost 1 pound and it just went from there. I stuck with the diet and now have reached my goal of 200 this January. I wanted to tell you without your support and keeping me on this program I probably wouldn’t have accomplished this. This program works and I am a voice of experience. I am still amazed that I have lost this much weight. I thank you again for the suggestion to join this program and I am ecstatic that I am now 34 pounds lighter and off all of my previous medication.

Thank you,


Matt's Story

Matt began to notice that the long hours at the office were taking a toll on his health and weight. “Snacks, quick lunches, drive-through eating – I didn’t realize how the hours behind my desk and running from meeting to meeting was taking a toll on my weight.” Not only were his eating habits in need of change, but more hours in the office meant less hours out on the tennis court. Being less active and eating on the run caught up to Matt before he could realize it.

“I realized it was time to get serious about my weight loss after an old back injury flared-up while I was playing outside with my son. I want to be healthy and active enough to keep up with my kids.” While other doctors were suggesting that back surgery would be the only solution, Matt began Dr. Baula’s weight loss program. Even with his injury, Dr. Baula worked with Matt to create a tailored weight-loss program. Focusing on diet, Matt started seeing immediate results. With a healthy and slow-paced weight loss, the weekly check-ups showed Matt losing weight and feeling better. “ The more weight I lost, the less pain I was in.” After a little over a month, Matt has seen a total weight loss of 18 pounds and is still going strong.

One of the goals of Dr. Baula’s program with Matt was to change his perspective on food. “I’m gaining the knowledge to help make better choices about what I eat, whether at home or in the office.” With Dr. Baula’s program, Matt tracks what he eats in a food diary to more easily find where he needs to make changes in his diet. This method really helps to find where mindless snacking occurs or to find what time of the day proves more difficult in making healthy food choices.

It took a little time to adjust to his new regimen, but as he progresses, Joe feels more determined than ever. Seeing the numbers decrease on the scale each week combined with the positive feedback has reinforced Matt’s decision to consult with Dr. Baula.

“I’m losing weight, my back feels better, and I am able to play with my kids again. I can’t wait to see where the next stage of the program takes me. I couldn’t have achieved so much in such a short amount of time without Dr. Baula’s help.”