"Maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime of good health"

Allow us this opportunity to welcome you to Health Quest located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. As our name indicates, our primary focus is not just weight loss, but also doctor assisted weight loss something that many people need to monitor for the rest of their lives.
Led by our Medical Director, Dr. Giovanni M. Baula Health Quest specializes in the practice of bariatrics (the medical science of weight control and associated conditions). Our proven system has helped thousands of people lose weight.

We provide the most advanced doctor assisted diet treatment and maintenance program possible. It
's medically supervised weight control and totally individualized. Your program starts with thorough medical testing, then goes on to include changes in nutrition, eating behaviors, exercise, and even the way you think about food.
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HealthQuest Florida
3600 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33711
Phone: (727)329-8607

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